Thursday, December 16, 2004

I'm in the movies!

This has nothing to do with politics. Just that a couple of very talented friends of mine sent me a wonderful script for a short feature and asked me to write some gags into it, and I did, and they liked most of the gags, so... that makes me involved in writing a short film for Maaron Productions! And since I've never been involved in writing a short film before... I'm very happy.

Also, off to New Mexico and a little trip to Las Vegas, I leave tomorrow. So, my infrequent blog updates due to much work at work and much other time writing jokes about giant lizards (you'll see) will probably be more infrequent until about January 4th.

Happy holidays, my friends.

I should probably close by saying that most people now think that the guy Bush nominated to the Homeland Security Post, Kerik, who withdrew because he didn't pay taxes for his illegal immigrant nanny... probably never even had a nanny. See, in New York, lots of people have illegal immigrant nannies. I know of several very successful, intelligent women "aren't quite sure" about theirs but who couldn't get by without them. So, Kerik cops to a crime that most of the people he hangs out with would shrug their shoulders at because, during the confirmation hearings all those stories about the mob gifts he took and the stalking of the woman who broke up an affair with him would have come out. Go figure. So, there's yer politics!


At 7:15 PM , Blogger tifanie said...

The Kerik thing is pretty fucking funny. I'm glad you are working on the Maaron movie- I'm supposed to get to act in it- I hope I get some of your lines. Wish I could see you on your holidays! Have a wonderful, relaxing time.


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