Saturday, December 02, 2006 Special Report on Books

I really shy away from drawing my work at Forbes into this blog, but am making an exception this time. I just edited a special report on books and the future of publishing for the Forbes web site and even though I didn't write a piece for it, the whole package expresses my personality more than anything I've done for Forbes Magazine over the last 7 years. The company was really kind to give me this real estate and if anyone's lurking around this blog, I hope you'll click the link and check it out.

The big theme of the special report, by the way, is that whatever talk you might hear about the death of books is wrong and that while new technologies and the Internet certainly compete with books, they've also made books more relevant, prominent, and prevalent. The whole package is optimistic about the book's future in these "new media" times.

Read through it, please. And post your thoughts on it here.


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