Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Rumsfeld's angry that Spain has sold weapons to Venezuela. Well, their President, Hugo Chavez, isn't on our list of favorites these days, as he cozies up to Cuba and has maybe only held onto his office via election fraud and brutally censoring dissidents and the media. But, at least we should remember that Chavez was elected and is popular with a good portion of the Venezuelan people.

Should we be angry at Spain for sending them weapons?

I don't know... maybe we should explain the arms sales we've made to Pakistan, first? Pakistan has an actual, unelected dictator at its helm, after all. And Pakistani society is more repressive than Venezuelan society. By any measure, Pakistan's government is worse than Venezuela's.

So maybe Spain should have the gripe with us, and not the other way around.


At 8:20 AM , Blogger Gabriel said...

You may want to do a Little research on Chavez. The reason many people regard him with much disdain is because he wants to share Venezuela's oil profits with the country, not just the upper class.
There are at least 3 or 4 free media outlets in Venezuela that constatntly bombard the public with anti-Chavez messages.
Chavez's sole outlet is the government run T.V. and radio station where he takes calls from all citizens once a week.
During the failed coup a few years ago the freedom of speech was revoked by the now outed interiim government immediately.
Keep in mind that most Latin American press is extremely conservative and outright racist. Look at how many European looking hotties grace their Central and South American media. These people represeant a minority in Venezuela and contatnly bombard Chavez with negative press.
Chavez is extremely popular with the peasants and impoverished citizens and has been successful in mobilizing them by teaching them the Constitution.
Now Chavez is definatley a politician,and I am sure he is not squeaky clean. but there is a lot more to the story. Perhaps there is some truth to election fraud, but there is also rampant election fraud in this country the best damn democracy on the planet. We should be the shining example for we are God's little angels.
For a different take on Chavez please check out the documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televized at your local vidoe store or netflicks. If you cant find it there check
Sorry for the rant, but I think there is much more to Chavez than what you see in any media stateside.
I think he is the very type of person who would our President wary. He has mucho oil.


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